2018 Roster:

 #2 Nicole Niebler *
#5 Jess Gross
#6 Chris Horsley
#8 Brian Bierman
#13 Luke Bodnar *
#16 Alec Li
#17 Lani Jensen *
#18 Craig Howering (C)
#20 Misha Tseytlin
#22 Greta Hippensteel *
#23 Travis Brown (C)
#24 Lindsay Boyer
#26 Sushmita Lotlikar *
#27 Eli Milovets
#28 Heidi Umhoefer *
#31 David Fabian *
#32 Tim Willer
#34 Amalia Gjerloev (C)
#51 Max (Frodo) Christman
#52 Rachel Taylor
#56 Sarah Hopefl *
#68 Nick Jacobson *
#80 Meghan Hawkins
#86 Matt LaFever *
#88 Paul Bolanowski *

* – New Brew

Captain Bios: Amalia Gjerloev, Craig Howering, & Travis Brown


Amalia Gjerloev

2013-2017 University of Richmond Redhots Club Frisbee; captain 2016-2017 season: recruitment, teaching, planning and running practices, planning tournaments, team goals, social events, and tournament bids/scheduling
Richmond Ultimate Summer league
2 years of club in Madison with Alt Brew
MUFA since fall 2017
All of the pickup ever- everything from upside-down only scrimmages to Natty-lite beach ultimate to college scrimmages with VCU
Highlights: After an 8 point battle back and forth with some of the worst wind ever, the score was 8-8 (I believe), captaining d-line with every single point going into the wind, I ran a play near the endzone and threw an i-o to one of my teammates, putting it at 8-9 and finally letting d-line play with the wind. I cried. We ended up winning the game with a killer huck from my co-captain.

Ultimate pump up jam: “Africa” – Toto


Craig Howering

Experience in chronological order:

2 years of college at Montclair State University in New Jersey
Created and captained a team from a local league out of NJ known as SCUD for 4 years
2 years playing for the mixed club team Devastator out of Salt Lake City, Utah
Created, captained, and coached the mixed club team Inversion based out of Salt Lake City, Utah for 3 years (Qualified for Regionals on the first year as a team)
4 years coach for Brighton High school (qualified once for westerns conference championships, twice for Utah state championships)
2 years coach for Skyline High school (qualified once for Utah state championships)
4 years of captaining local leagues out of Salt Lake City
1 year coach and player for the AUDL professional team Salt Lake Lions
1 year player from the men’s team Killjoys out of Provo, Utah
2 years Salt Lake County Frisbee League director
1 year playing for the mixed club team Herd out of Madison, Wisconsin

Highlights: Layout callahan in Big Sky sectionals to take it to game point in the game to go to Regionals. Established a new city league for middle school kids based out of Salt Lake City. Can often been seen “highlighted” in very bright colors, especially pink.

Ultimate pump up jam: “Black Betty” -Ram Jam



Travis Brown


3 years of college on Wisconsin TIE at UW-Madison (1 year captain).  Captain duties included; running practices, recruiting, tournament bids and lodging, fundraising with local businesses and selling ‘Bucky frisbees’ officially licensed through UW-Madison.

5 years coaching high school boys ultimate at La Follette, Stoughton, and DeForest.  Established La Follete’s ultimate program and doubled team’s roster.  Qualified and broke seed at State each season.

4 years of club ultimate with The Herd, Wisconsin TIE’s club team, and ALTimate Brews.

5 years captaining underachieving MUFA teams


Scored 7 points in a game to 11 vs St Mary’s.  Occasionally wear ridiculous costumes (see image), notably scored wearing a ‘tiger robe’ vs a Nationals qualifying Luther team in 2013.

Ultimate pump up jam: “Kiss From a Rose” -Seal & “Party and Bullshit” -Notorious BIG (Ratatat remix)

2017 Roster:

#5   Jess Gross
#6   Chris Horsley
#8   Brian Bierman
#11 Dave Romens
#12 Michelle Pope (C)
#13 Jordan Benson
#14 Beth Cody
#16 Megan (Tut) Tuttle
#17 Jacob (Biz) Schlaefer
#18 Craig Howering (C)
#20 Misha Tseytlin
#23 Travis Brown (C)
#24 Lindsay Boyer
#25 David Cann
#27 Eli Milovets
#32 Tim Willer
#34 Amalia Gjerloev
#51 Max (Frodo) Christman
#52 Rachel Taylor
#55 Mallory Prouty
#57 Meredith Hinkes
#80 Meghan Hawkins
#81 Sara Nason
#82 Logan Campbell
Alec Li
Practice Squad
Jake Serba