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We’re talking about practice.

Practice- Once per week based upon the best availability of the team. Currently scheduled for Sunday evenings for 2- 2 1/2 hours.

Most practices throughout the season will employ a progression as follows.

Warm-ups– Your typical jog followed by stretching.

Dedicated throwing– Practice will start out with a drill meant to challenge your ability to throw either out into space, against a tight defender, while you are fatigued, or breaking a tough mark

Drill building based off practice schedule– The bulk of most practices will be here. Run a drill, usually a basic drill. From there add something else that happens in the drill such as another cut or another throw. Repeat the process several more times. You end up with a complex drill that feels like you are running a play on the field rather than a drill.

Fitness– As this topic might suggest, expect plyometrics, sprints, intervals or cutting with high intensity to wear you down like game three or four on tournament day.

Team skill building– This part of practice is a little open ended. Drills here will typically involve small scenarios such as 3v3 or o-line vs d-line that usually gets everyone involved. This section can also include another group drill to help focus on an area that the team needs improvement on or to further build on the practice goal.

Focused scrimmage– Here is where we play! Scrimmage is based on putting what we learned from the practice schedule onto the field. Often times there will be extra rules or conditions to help reinforce what was taught in practice.